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TelOne launches video streaming service

Technological advancement is envitable and, as such, Zimbabwe is tapping into its vast technological expertise and infrastructure in strengthening and developing the life of its people.

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ICT minister Kazembe Raymond Kazembe speak at the launch of the Digital Entertainment On Demand in Borrowdale last Wednesday.

It is against that background that local fixed mobile converged communication service provider TelOne on Wednesday launched Africa’s first fully converged linear on-demand news and entertainment streaming service in partnership with South African on-demand specialist, Discover Digital.

The video streaming service, which will be bundled by TelOne broadband, is known as the Digital Entertainment On Demand (DEOD) service and gives viewers access to a range of exciting options.

Customers will have the option to subscribe to on-demand packages offering series, kids’ programming, a catalogue of movies, music videos, documentaries and lifestyle programming, as well as subscribe to a selection of television channels, getting access to news, sport and inspiration channels, all at competitive prices and over various terms.

There is an option for customers to rent movies and individual library movies not included in the subscription on-demand package, even without a subscription.

Speaking at the DEOD launch, Information Communication and Technology (ICT) and Courier Services minister Kazembe Raymond Kazembe said the new product was certainly a game changer in the market.

“It is important that such innovative products are aggressively marketed so that they impact on your service uptake, usage and indeed the company’s revenue,” he said.

“I am particularly heartened by the spirit of innovation that the company is exuding. In the technology sector, things are continuously changing and changing very fast.

“It takes some serious and deliberate planning towards innovation for you as an ICT company to survive. I am glad that the DEOD service launch we are witnessing here today is a sign that TelOne is not sleeping. We urge you to continue on this trajectory.”

TelOne launched the DEOD service on the backdrop of yet another technological breakthrough — the $98 million China Exim Bank facility-supported national broadband project.

According to TelOne MD Chipo Mtasa, the company believes that innovation is key to survival in the digital age and has continued on a path to strengthen its research, development and innovation unit, which has delivered the DEOD product.

She said TelOne was continuing to expolore the value-added services space as a way to enhance its service offering and improve client experience.

“TelOne is excited to be launching this ground-breaking service, which will enhance our service offering to our broadband customers,” Mutasa said.

“With the coming of our fixed mobile converged network, the partnership with DEOD would ensure that TelOne reasserts itself in the market as a giant in the digital communication and entertainment space.”

TelOne has the widest network coverage in Zimbabwe anchored on its robust backbone infrastructure, fibre, satellite and traditional copper.

South African on-demand solutions specialist Discover Digital, who are partnering TelOne in the project, offers total end-to-end solutions for the delivery of digital video content.

Speaking about their partnership with TelOne, Discover Digital MD Stephen Watson said the new converged, linear channel and on-demand service would offer a one-stop shop for subscription video on demand, transactional video on demand and television channels.

“This is an exciting launch on a number of fronts. But in particular because it is a significant move for a Tier 1 state-owned African telco business going to the market with an advanced digital entertainment offering such as this,” he said.

Watson commended TelOne for its foresight in launching the value-added services.

“TelOne is an early adopter in Africa in terms of building compelling value-added services to complement its data offerings. There is a strong realisation that as a telco, it cannot continue with a pure voice and data play, it needs to change its models and move with the times,” he said.

“Despite the stringent procurement criteria it is subject to as a state-owned entity, TelOne has moved quickly towards a sustainable model that delivers additional value to its customers.”

TelOne has redefined itself into a world-class fixed mobile converged communication service provider that offers fast, affordable and reliable telecommunication services to people, homes, businesses, educational institutions and government departments.

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