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Murudzwa-Ndembera celebrates 15 years in music

IT is glory after glory for gospel diva Agartha Murudzwa-Ndembera who released her 10th album, which also marked the celebration of her 15th anniversary in the gospel music ministry.

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Agartha Murudzwa-Ndembera

Murudzwa-Ndembera said the album, titled the Living Word, was coming at a very good time as she celebrates 15 years in the ministry.

“I want to give all thanks to my fellow band members [Faith Sounds Music], my husband, my producer [Gibson Makumbe], my manager, my partners, my fans and those who are working with me for the success of this 10th project,” she said.

“Our fans should expect bigger, greater and powerful messages to come. Once again, I am very grateful for our fans’ support and may God continue to bless them.”

Murudzwa-Ndembera was born and bred in Mutare and started recording in 2003 and up to now she has recorded nine albums with the 10th album titled the Living Word coming soon.

Her debut album Fambai Neni was in 2003 followed by Ndimi Mwari, Ngatitye Mwari, Hupenyu Hwangu, Mwari Anotiona, Press On, No Pain No Gain and Grace Period-Breakthrough.

“I was born singing and discovered myself as a singer while in Grade 1 at Mukahanana Primary School in Mutare. My talent was groomed at Dangamvura High School by two great music teachers, namely Mr Mutonga and the late great Mr Nhiwatiwa. I was in the school choir for the four years of my secondary school education at Dangamvura High School in Mutare,” she said.

“In 2002, I then rediscovered myself during our church choir debut album. I did most of the songs arrangements and hymnal rearranging. Mr Mutonga and Mr Kuture were our choirmasters back then. My latest project is an album titled Breakthrough. It is very difficult to talk of a market that has been taken over by music pirates. in actual fact, they (pirates) are in a better position to talk about the market these days, But on the other hand we have been doing live shows so as to keep the band alive and in shape.

“I have always wanted to become a preacher, but because of too much protocol issues that were used for one to become a preacher [within the church I was worshipping under], my dream of becoming a preacher could not come true then. I then opted for the studio instead of the pulpit.

“As a female artiste, I managed to penetrate the male-dominated industry and I am very grateful to the Almighty because it wasn’t an easy road, but through hard work, dedication, passion and support from my partners.”

To her, music is more of a ministry than an industry.

“With financial challenges, I can’t really say I have made it, but also the fact that I am doing it for Christ, it is more of a ministry than an industry, not leaving the industry side of it completely because of the financial implications that come with a finished project,” she said.

“I got my inspiration from Dr Oliver Mtukudzi and the Holy Spirit and also from songwriting, recording and ministration.

“I want to advise my fans and partners that they must desist from buying music from the streets because at the end the musician suffers and also I am very grateful for their support and prayers.”

Married to Reverend Gwinyai Ndembera, Murudzwa-Ndembera said her role of balancing music and family was very difficult at some point.

“At first it was difficult, but as time went on, I am now coping, sailing and enjoying all the roles as my husband supports me a lot through all my endeavours. God has been there for me,” she said.

Songs on the album include Vhomora Hwayana, Munoramba Muri Mwari, Zvikasashamisa Haazi Mwari, Hold On, Zadzisai Chirevo, Chinyarara Moyo Wangu, Takazvigashira and Tsitsi.

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