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CUT fine artiste exhibits in Hillside

CHINHOYI University of Technology (CUT) student Derwin “G” Guti will this week hold a three-day exhibition of his works of art.

By Kennedy Nyavaya

A digital painting of radio and television personality Ruvheneko Parirenyatwa, which was done by Derwin “G” Guti

The art collection was created during his study as a Visual Communication and Multimedia Design student at the Hillside Scout Hall in Harare.

The exhibition, which opens on Wednesday with the theme Honey Comb, is part of Guti’s final semester programme where students are required to hold solo exhibitions.

In an interview with The Standard Style, the 23-year-old fine artist, who has also received a certificate of honour from the tertiary institution, said his free-for-all mind-blowing art showcase would astound those who will attend.

“The exhibition is not meant to satisfy or please viewers, but it is a surprise with the intention to amaze them. I live by the concept that one does not have to impress or satisfy the customer, but surprise them,” he said.

Derwin G, who has amassed thousands of followers on social media platforms with some of his celebrity illustrations becoming instant hits, said the exhibition theme was testament of his works, that is, a “unique artwork put together”.

“It’s going to be for free, so everyone is invited and a glimpse of the works that I’m going to display can be seen on my social media platforms but like I said, there is going to be pleasant surprises,” he said.

According to him, a childhood dream, which started when he was a toddler before making the bold decision to use ink, is fast turning into reality as the market starts to appreciate his work.

“I remember wanting to be an artist since primary school and my teachers would always say art doesn’t get you anywhere in Zimbabwe, and they were right in those years. So, I always wished to leave the country to pursue it, but right now, I feel like I don’t really have to,” said Derwin G.

Although concerned about the low value attached to art in Zimbabwe, Derwin G says he is hopeful that a breakthrough is in the offing and that his name will soon make it into the hall of fame.

“Opportunities play hide-and-seek just waiting to be found in different corners. That is why hard work, persistence and patience are important, to me,” he said.

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