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It’s family affair in worship for Worshipper Blessing

GOSPEL artiste Blessing Gwara has proven to be an overcomer who has assembled a formidable gospel outfit called Family Worship Crew with her daughters in South Africa where the family is now based.

gospel music sermon with The Master

Blessing Gwara (centre) and her daughters who form the group Family Worship Crew

Gwara told The Standard Style that she writes and composes her songs from scratch and her daughters Beverly Chitanda (23), Kezzel (21), Kiki Tadiwa (18) and Dudu Ruvimbo (16) are the backing vocalists of her band.

“Our uniqueness lies in that my daughters are my backing vocalists, so we are called Family Worship Crew and my stage name is Worshipper Blessing because I am more of a worshipper,” she said.

Gwara said she earned the moniker “Worshipper” because she was more inclined into worship music than praise and was good at it.

“I first released my debut album, a seven-track gem titled I Look Up to the Hills, last year in August,” she said.

“Then I did a single in March this year titled Jesus my Rock, and in October I did another one called Panzizi DzeBabylon.”

She said the single I Look Up to the Hills encourages people that when things are hard or in any situation we must trust and look up to Jesus.

“The other tracks have an emphasis on the second coming of our Lord Jesus, that we must always be ready,” she said.

“The rest are about praising and worshipping God and there is one hymnal Ndinoshamiswa Kwazvo, which basically praises the Lord as well.

“I can say so far the music has been received in a way that I never expected especially on social media since I have challenges in marketing back home, but the response so far has been amazing.

“We have done so many live shows here in South Africa and we even did a live DVD recording when we recorded four of our songs from first the album and we constantly get invitations to sing in several churches across South Africa.”

Born in 1973 in Murewa, Gwara was raised in a Christian family and her father was a talented musician who could play more than 10 musical instruments including the bass and lead guitars, keyboards, as well as traditional instruments such as the mbira and marimba.

“My father used to compose songs, so I was greatly inspired by him although he never came to the point of recording in the studio. I said to myself: ‘One day I will carry on his legacy and do the right thing’,” she said.

“My main inspiration obviously is the Holy Spirit.”

Gwara testified that she was touched by the response from her fans and receives calls any time, even at night.

“A great testimony is when another fan who was in a coma in hospital woke up to the song Jesus My Rock.

“My message to my fans is I really appreciate all the great and overwhelming support. I didn’t expect that and urge them to keep on praying for us.

“We have a new video for them, which is almost done called Panzizi DzeBabylon — that one is packed and it will be officially launched on YouTube soon,” she said.

Apart from spiritually touching people’s lives, Gwara has also been blessed by people that have come to offer her financial support after listening to her songs by funding her music projects.

She revealed that age doesn’t matter to her at all, despite the fact that she went into the studio at the age of 44 to record her debut album, because she actually began singing gospel aged five years.

“What matters most is the passion to sing for God and the anointing He has placed in you,” she said.

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