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Madam Boss chooses beauty

Comedienne Madam Boss (real name Tyra Chikoko) is too busy with plans for the launch of her beauty products to respond to recent cyber-attacks from fellow jester Mai Titi, who took to social media last week threatening to spill her secrets of alleged infidelity.

By Style Reporter

Madam Boss

The grapevine had ears on the ground waiting for a scathing retaliation, but instead Madam Boss posted a thinly-veiled live Instagram video displaying just how airtight her marriage is before quickly shifting her attention to her cosmetics line.

In a phone interview before flying to New York last week, Chikoko, also known as Dudzai in her comic skits, said people should be focused on the coming projects as a substitute to unfounded gossip.

“I am not paying much attention on that issue and my husband has advised me not to, I am currently focusing on launching my beauty products which will definitely be a game-changer,” she said.

According to her, the shift to makeup and beauty is meant to expand her growing brand which she established a few years ago.

The line, which has been named Madam Boss Beauty Products, has lipstick, lipgloss, mascara, facial creams and perfumes under its ReD Xtreme collection.

While the actual date for the launch in December has not been announced yet, judging from her followers’ reaction on social media the products could soon been a hit among stylish ladies in the local market.

“If not now, then when? Be a BOSS,” she shared on her Instagram account @madambosszim with over 108 000 followers.

Chikoko said the shift to make-up and beauty was meant to expand her growing brand which she established a few years ago.

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