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Sharimo unleashes Christmas blessing

It’s early Christmas for the less privileged members of our society as rising gospel musician Freedom Sharimo is set to release a single whose powerful message is certainly go a long way in blessing them.

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The date for the launch is yet to be set, but Sharimo told The Standard Style at Voice of Thunder Studios last week that he had plans to launch the single live on Radio Zimbabwe.

In the single titled Musandibata Nedzoi, Sharimo makes an appeal to the more affluent Zimbabweans to put a smile on the faces of the less fortunate during the festive season by giving a helping hand.

The musician, who rose into the limelight with the hit single Hatigoni Kutenda, also urged fans to embrace the life-changing message that he preaches through his music.

“The message in my latest single is also teaching that we need not be hearers of the Word of God only, but doers,” he said.

“We must not forget those people in our communities who are struggling to make ends meet.they have no food to eat, no clothing to wear and some of them are forced to walk long distances because the have no bus fare.

“My appeal is to those who have, to make an effort to lend a hand to the less fortunate.

“Nobody knows what tomorrow holds for us, we should also pass on our blessings to others. We should not look down upon those who are poor.

“God’s time is the best time, it does not mean they will forever remain poor.”

According to Sharimo, they had no plans to release the single as the were working on an album earmarked for release next year, but had succumbed to pressure from their fans who were “thirsty” for a Christmas gift from him.

“They wanted us to give them something for Christmas, but we are also working on another album which we expect to release early next year,” he said.

“Due to the prevailing economic hardships, we make an impassioned plea to our fans to be generous and help each other this festive season. Blessed are those who give — that’s my message.”

“The 27-year-old artiste expressed his gratitude over the unwavering support from his fans and testified that it was the source of his inspiration.

To date, he has three albums and four singles with the debut being a six-track album produced at Monolios Studio in 2014 titled Wakakosha. it was followed by Ndiye Anozviita Jesu — a 12-track album which carries the hit song Hatigoni Kutenda which spent close to a year on the Radio Zimbabwe Top 10 Gospel Charts and Ndarota Hope early this year.

Sharimo has dropped two singles featuring Trymore Bande, both done in 2016 and has also worked with local gospel music legend Mechanic Manyeruke on the single titled Mupfekedzei Bhachi which was released last year.

Sharimo was born in Mount Darwin.

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