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Secret behind Seagirl’s hit song

A few months ago, talented vocalist Novuyo Seagirl Dube (27) and producer Lance Hebron thought they were just killing time when they went to record a song between lectures.. little did they know that their efforts would yield the next biggest house track in Bulawayo.

By Sindiso Dube

Novuyo Seagirl Dube

The track AEIOU has been rocking the airwaves in the past three months and has catapulted Seagirl to great heights.

In an interview with The Standard Style, Seagirl, who is studying towards a diploma in music production and sound engineering at the College of Creative Arts Africa, an affiliate of Midlands State University, said she took a moment to kill time in between lectures at the Bulawayo campus by recording the song with Hebron.

“The song was produced by Lance, who is from Gwanda. I met him at my school where the song was birthed. He came with the beat and eventually these amazing lyrics started flowing in my head,” Seagirl said.

“You won’t believe we recorded the song using a Skype microphone covered with my scarf, making a makeshift condenser microphone.

“Little did we know a hit was in the making and it wasn’t even in a fancy studio, but in a classroom. Lance is an amazing producer and vocalist, personally I didn’t believe that it was us on the song when it came out, we will definitely do future projects together,” she said.

Quizzed if the title AEIOU a list of vowels set-up for recording was intentional, she responded:

“You know I didn’t realise this until now that you asked. it was not intentional. wow, what a coincidence considering the fact that in the music video we also highlight a classroom set-up,” she said.

“The truth is we didn’t have a proper studio set-up, but we had a laptop and a skype microphone that could capture vocals as much as a microphone.

“So, it turned out our option was to make do with what we had at the moment.

The zeal to record at that instant was there, so we couldn’t let that vibe and energy go to waste. You know, when you think of a song today and record it, the energy and mood you are going to use today is different from the next day.”

The song is an expression of love, how someone makes you go crazy in translation of the vowels AEIOU, where the chorus is born.

In the first verse, the letters are broken down, with the letter A translating to Amazing is the way you look, E- Everything that you do just makes me wild, I- If I lose you I will lose my mind, O-Only you can have me the way you want, U-U give me butterflies and goose bumps.

The pint-sized singer is the reigning winner of this year’s Star Brite talent show, which took her to China in July where she represented Zimbabwe, marking the beginning of her solo career.

She started singing at a tender age with her twin sister. They would compose songs in the bathroom and sing them the same day at church. she later took music seriously when they formed an all-female three member-group named One Stand Band in 2015.

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