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Zim gospel diva sings in Zulu to thank SA fans

UPCOMING South Africa-based Zimbabwean gospel diva Tatenda Hera is planning to embark on an aggressive marketing drive in Zimbabwe following the success of her latest single, which she sang in two languages Shona and Zulu, that has been received well across the Limpopo.

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Tendai Hera

Hera revealed to The Standard Style that her music was gaining traction in South Africa and this had motivated her to sing part of her new track titled Ngiyabonga in Zulu to break the language barrier.

“In my latest project I did a single track called Ngiyabonga. In the song I used two languages — Zulu and Shona — the reason being that I have discovered that my popularity is now on the rise in South Africa where I am based,” she said.

“So as for their benefit, comes Ngiyabonga, which is a song thanking God for all that he has done and is still doing in our lives daily.”

According to Hera, the first part of the song emphasises on the need to thank God for the gift of life, a miracle on its own.

The 26-year-old said in most cases people only want to thank God after a good event had happened to them such as a wedding or when they manage to buy their first car forgetting that there is a lot that God is also doing in their daily living.

“I also witnessed God’s grace that even though I am in a foreign country I have shelter and l don’t go to bed on an empty stomach, yet other people have no shelter and are forced to sleep on the pavements,” she said.

“In all this, I see God. It’s not by my power or might, but His grace is at work in my life, that is why I composed the song Siyabonga, which means thank you.”

The musician said her song was gaining acceptance by both her Zimbabwean and South African fans and she was planning to do the DVD next year and promote it back home.

“I have sent it to my fans through social media and they are loving it. However, from the feedback I am getting from them, they are complaining about the duration of the song which they say is too short, it’s three minutes and 19 seconds long,” she said.

She urged her fans to read her Facebook page Tatenda Loice Hera, to receive updates on her shows and other news.

“I listen to musicians such as Minister Michael Mahendere, Takesure Zamar Ncube, Pastor Tinashe Murigo, Janet Manyowa, Nyasha Mutonhori, Rumbi Zvirikuzhe and Pastor Olinda Marowa, they inspire me a lot,” she said.

Hera recorded her debut album Makanaka Jesu, which has four tracks, whose message, as in most of her songs, is inspired by the experiences she has faced in her tough journey in life.

The following year she did a DVD from the first track Takaponeswa off the album Makanaka Jesu.

Last year she released a single track titled Mbiri KunaShe — a collaboration with Tatenda Mahachi.

The Rusape-born musician grew up as an orphan, but is thankful she has a father in God.

Hera used to sing in the Sunday school choir at church and never planned to record her music, but other congregants who were impressed with her talent encouraged her to record.

In South Africa, she listens to the music of Siphokazi, Zaza Mokethi, Neyi Zimu and the Spirit of Praise crew led by Bishop Benjamin Dube as well as Dr Tumi.

She is planning to do more collaborations with other gospel artistes to bring new flavour to her music.

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