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Chaipa turns expertise into business

At a very tender age, Trusty Chaipa was already a computer whiz kid after becoming obsessed with his family’s PC and later in life Chaipa has turned his expertise into a lucrative business.

By Style Reporter

Trusty Chaipa is the brains behind Thousand Ideas

Chaipa, a trained graphic designer and marketer, operates a printing, signage and advertising company — Thousand Ideas.

What started as a small company specialising in graphic designing and digital printing of business cards, letterheads and other small quantity prints has resulted in the birth of a big digital printing firm.

“I grew up with the desire to start my own business, especially growing a business around my passion – computers. As a young boy, I was so passionate about computers, hence my aspiration to build my business around my computers,” Chaipa told The Standard Style.

“I started as a small company in 2012, specialising in graphic designing and digital printing of business cards, letterheads and other smallquantity prints.”

Chaipa said the company had been growing in leaps and bounds.

“The desire to ensure maximum customer satisfaction resulted in the birth of the digital printing branch in June 2015. By this time we were getting big orders which necessitated the need to invest in large quantity heavy-duty printing machinery,” he said.

Today the company with a staff complement of four — two designers and two marketers — is doing business with some of the country’s biggest and most reputable companies, including major retailers and banks.

“It was not that easy, but perseverance and patience paid off. What makes us unique is that we try by all means to uphold professionalism and accountability when doing business,” Chaipa said.

“At Thousand Ideas we make sure we deliver on time and in most cases our creations emanate from the ideas of our customers.

“We have been benefiting as well from our loyal clients as our major aim has been to make sure we satisfy our clients enough to keep them with us. Direct marketing has been another way we have managed to become known in the country.”

Although the company has been getting business from people outside Harare, Chaipa believes the only way to reach out to all corners of the country is to decentralise their operations.

“Yes, we have business outside Harare in cities like Kadoma, Mutare, Kwekwe and Gweru as well as outside the country. However, this is not enough and in three years’ time we would want to have branches in most of our country’s major towns,” he said.

While Chaipa admits that the economy is not in their favour, he believes all hope is not lost and is optimistic that things will get better.

“This is not the time to mourn, but it is time to manoeuvre and find out how best we can develop our business. If things get better, I see us young entrepreneurs excelling,” he said.

The young businessman has his advice to the youths.

“If you have a dream, live it. Don’t be driven by money, but follow your dream,” he said.

Chaipa said he had also embraced technology to reach out to his clients.

“We are digital savvy and we are visible on Facebook and Instagram under the name Thousand Ideas.

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