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Matuka sings against teen drug abuse in international collabo

Gospel musician Abraham Matuka is in the studio recording another multilingual track with international artistes. The song is targeted at addressing drug and sexual abuses by young people around the world, The Standard Style has learned.

By Kennedy Nyavaya

The song is a follow-up to the much-hyped Lovely Zimbabwe, a promotional song which featured 10 foreign languages meant to promote tourism by depicting the beauty of the country.

Titled The Future, the song — to be produced by Blessing Masanga and mastered in China — is an effort to sensitise the world’s young generation to act responsibly and shun drugs and avoid early sexual activity.

Matuka said the Lovely Zimbabwe team would be joined by more musicians from Europe in a bid to deepen their passion for the “promotion of national heritage into a global vision”.

“Through this project we seek to sensitise and inspire the young generation to become responsible and disciplined members of society who shun drug and sex abuses,” said Matuka.

“We just thought of doing this project after seeing the rampant abuse of alcohol and drugs by teenagers who are also engaging in early sexual activity throughout the world. We felt music as a universal language can help save next generations.”

Matuka said Lovely Zimbabwe, which has transformed the song into a diverse musical outfit made up of Penny Peng from China, Varsha Patel from India, Menezes Bandeira from Angola, Pitshou Lumiere from the Democratic Republic of Congo, Carol from Malaysia and Vicky Prasad from India, among others, plans to use music as a positive change driver in the world.

“We are doing this as a voice of reason, morals and values gate keeper using music to influence how the youth make positive decisions because we understand music influences youths’ life judgements,” he added.

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