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Tithe prophet goes global

The prophet who has condemmed the paying of tithe and offering in churches says next year he will take his gospel beyond the country’s borders.

By Style Reporter

Prophet Prince Wonderful (31) said God had given him a greater mandate for next year to reach millions of people around the globe teaching none other than the Biblical “truth”.

The unconventional preacher, who rose to fame by attacking tithe and offering paying churches as well as denouncing founders of churches and ministries, said people should brace for more stunning revelations in 2019.

In an interview with this publication last week, Prophet Prince said next year he would be taking his gospel to the international platform.

“In 2019, I will be focusing on spreading the teachings to other countries through my Facebook page and other platforms, which God will open,” he said.

“It is also a year where I will start recording videos on key teachings about the Gospel of Grace and Truth. The past five years I have been confined to a small group, but next year it is my time to expand into different territories.

“In 2019 programmes will happen as the Almighty God will be leading. I believe the predestined in Zimbabwe and other countries are going to be saved.”

The buoyant preacher added that as a son of God he would continue to receive more stunning revelations.

“More relevations are coming, we will continue unearthing the mystries of the gospel, more shocking revelations are coming,” he said.

“I am confident God will vindicate Himself this coming year, the messages are becoming deeper and deeper by each day.”

The preacher described 2018 as a great year for him.

“It was great in the sense that people I gather with and some whom I meet were enlightened with the revelations I shared.”

Prophet Prince, who also doesn’t believe in Christmas, is wishing Zimbabwens a safe holiday.

“As we enter into the holiday season, Zimbabweans should continue to believe and hope for the best,” he said.

“As a nation, may we seek guidance from God on what to do and how to spend the holidays.”

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