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Prophet Paul introduces ‘miracle hanger’ for marriage restoration

NEW Revelation Ministries founder Prophet Miracle Paul has introduced a “miracle hanger” also known as the “Magnet” that is believed to have powers to restore broken marriages.


Prophet Mircale Paul shows the hanger

The hanger was unveiled at the church’s annual New Year crossover crusade that was attended by thousands of people at Unit L community grounds in Chitungwiza.

This comes on the backdrop of the “Pool of Deliverance” called Dziva Reruponeso having earlier introduced the “Abrahams Tent” sessions which all proved popular with the congregants.

According to Prophet Paul, the hanger, just like any ordinary wardrobe hanger, could redeem and repair relationships that appeared broken beyond hope.

“This hanger will help solve the problems and assist couples to get back to the fundamentals as it restores broken relationships,” he said.

“If one’s partner is causing trouble in the marriage, the other partner will acquire this hanger, and hang a piece of cloth — be it a shirt or trousers belonging to the trouble-causer.

“Although marriage is far from perfect, it must be noted that no marriage is too broken or too far gone for God’s restoring power. That is exactly the miracles associated with this hanger that I unveiled. I have no doubt it will do wonders for many.”

The charismatic preacher, who is one of the most sought-after clerics popular for drawing huge crowds in the region, said: “God is always faithful, and through this hanger, He removes faulty thinking and negative behaviours that threaten to destroy marriages or relationships.”

Over the years, Prophet Paul has courted the attention of the public owing to his jaw-dropping miracles.

Some of the miracles that have been witnessed at New Revelations Ministries include the boiling of a frozen plastic bottle of water using a plastic chair.

The charismatic preacher is on record saying that he is not troubled by people who view the work of God through negative lenses.

“The miracles are inspired by 2 Kings Chapter 6:5-7. Blessed is us who read the Bible because we find courage in it. I do not need to be understood by people neither do I need approval of the community in ministering the Word of God,” he said.

“I know that I was sent to a nation with some rebels who will not listen to the Word of God. However, whatever they do they will remember that a prophet was among them, so I do not expect people to understand me on their physical basis as I do spiritual things that I know they do not know and things that I see they cannot see them.”

Ever since invading Chitungwiza’s Unit L community grounds, the same venue where famous prophets Walter Magaya and Emmanuel Makandiwa started from, Prophet Paul’s services are now attracting large crowds, among them foreigners, mainly because of the miracles he performs.

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