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Gamu turns heat on male-dominated arts industry

Multi-talented Masvingo artiste Gamuchirai Shumba says she is inspired by South African television and radio host as well as comedian Trevor Noah, adding that she has what it takes to make it in the male-dominated arts industry.

By Sukuoluhle Ndlovu in Masvingo

Gamuchirai Shumba

The 21-year-old artiste, who is involved in visual arts specialising in the creation of images through painting as well as poetry, says most of her work is found on various online platforms including YouTube, Facebook and Instagram.

She is working on a non-verbal story of the heart, a book describing how the heart influences a lot of things that “we do in this world”, while putting together a piece of spoken word targeting the pressures presented by social media on women.

“I did not choose to be part of the arts world, but it chose me because from a very young age I figured out I was good at drawing and that creativity came easy to me,” Shumba said.

“I decided to keep practising and later I realised that my dream lay in anything to do with art. Right now, I am focusing on nurturing my talent and I am prepared to take the art world to the next level.

Shumba is working on a non-verbal story of the heart

“My works have no specific genre. As an artist, I prefer the idea of universalism where anyone can relate to my poetry and art so I do what comes to mind at that time and this attracts different ages, genders and characters.”

At 21, Shumba believes the future looks bright for her considering what she has accomplished in the early stages of her career.

“I have won a few certificates at high school for art, but in terms of poetry I have just started it and I have done spoken word at a few events. Some of my poetry is found online where it has received very good response,” she said.

“I have produced works inspired by love, heartbreaks and insecurities especially on social media and empowerment of women, especially in poetry.

A Politics and Public Administration degree student, Shumba said despite her love for the arts, she could not pursue her passion as there was no school that offered animation.

“I only received an award at high school for the Best Art Piece of the Year. However, after high school I could not find a school that offered animation which I wanted to study, so I have realised that I can do both at the same time,” she said.

Shumba sees herself with a stable job and doing more for that in the arts industry.

“With God’s grace, I see myself having a stable job in administration and using that money I get to advance my art ambitions as well as building a talent agency in Zimbabwe,” she said.

“One has to believe in their dreams, and I don’t sit on them because dreaming can only get you to a certain level, but realising and working on the dream is what gets things done. Everything you want in this world is out of your comfort zone. One needs to pray that you get out of it before it is too late.”

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