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Sundire opens US avenues for local artistes

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THE senior pastor of Harvest International Church in Dallas, USA, Pastor Emanuel Sundire, says his church is taking great strides to open more doors for local gospel musicians to spread the Word of God in the United States by sponsoring them to come and perform at their events.

Pastor Emanuel Sundire

Sundire’s comments come as sweet music for local gospel music artistes as their genre has dominated the recent biggest annual all-genre music charts awards, which are sponsored by beverage manufacturer Coca-Cola as part of the company’s corporate social responsibility programme.

He added that while it was the church’s intention to bring Zimbabwean gospel artistes to the US for its various functions, this was also an opportunity for the artistes to market themselves on the global stage.

The pastor said his church had so far invited and hosted some of the top local gospel musicians in the mould of Matthias Mhere, Takesure Zamar, Mkhululi Bhebhe, Zimpraise Choir, Sabastian Magacha, Baba Mechanic Manyeruke, Pastor Gee and recently Reverend Togarepi Chivaviro.

He expressed confidence with the musical prowess of Zimbabwean gospel musicians compared to their international counterparts, adding that it was only the availability of resources which separated them.

“I think our musicians are doing very fine, I am very proud of them, but the main difference is the availability of resources.

“Here, they have pretty much everything, but as far as talent is concerned I see a lot of potential among our own musicians, they always do a good job.”

Sundire said the marketing of local gospel music could be improved to make great impact globally through more international exposure for them, which his church was trying to do by organising shows for them in the US.

“We can only do as much since we are a church, but once they come here, the rest is in their hands to show the world who they are through their performances,” he said.

Sundire could not hide his joy following the overwhelming response to the performances of Chivaviro recently by gospel music fans from different backgrounds in the US.

“Reverend Chivariro attracted the biggest crowd in Dallas so far and he surprised many people here with his well-polished performances,” he said.

“It was a show to remember and people loved and followed him wherever he ministered while he was here.”

He added that overall they were proud of all the Zimbabwean gospel musicians’ performances as they brought a lot of passion and energy that the fans were missing in that part of the world.

“They are preaching through music which is what attracts us. Most of them love what they do. Zimbabwe has a great future in gospel music.”

He assured gospel music fans in the US that his church would continue to support more Zimbabwean gospel artistes to come and perform at its functions.

“Zimbabweans in the Diaspora love them, so if the opportunity arises we will invite them. It is up to them to deliver once they are here.”

He called on the Christian fraternity to continue to pray for gospel artistes to successfully minister the Word of God, for with such support they would go far in accomplishing their divine mission.

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