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God responds to Chiguvare-Mukariri prayers

Daisy Chiguvare — Mukariri

Gospel music sermon with The Master

Prolific gospel music minister Daisy Chiguvare-Mukariri has revealed that her character-building messages rooted in the Word of God are behind her life successes and have also impacted the lives of others.

The multi-talented Chiguvare-Mukariri’s victory-filled life is an inspiration to upcoming gospel musicians as she is also a pastor, television drama actress and a successful businesswoman who owns one of the most sought-after pre-schools in Chitungwiza.

“The Word of God plays a pivotal role and in whatever I do, all the things I do complement each other,” she told The Standard Style last week.

She sees her music as hard-core, saying that those not mature and willing to build a good character may resist it.

“If you look at the song Rereka Nzeve, I urge youths not to play with their bodies by partaking in vices like drug abuse and engaging in premature sex,” she said.

“Kudzinga Nhunzi is another hard-hitting song that teaches those people who constantly seek prayers from pastors to get married to first work on their rotten-meat-like characters, which attract flies.”

Chiguvare-Mukariri promised her fans another explosive album in May, whose message is to encourage people to appreciate their family heroes, through a song Magamba Emhuri.

“My niece inspired me to do that song. I grew up in the rural areas where, if not for her who brought me here, I would not be who I am today,” she said.

The musician strives to follow the Heavenly standards when running her businesses.

The passion to always maintain a good character, which is consistent both in her public and private life has marketed her school that now has nine classes with 20 pupils each.

“We believe that a good education should be complemented by a good character. The Bible says a good character is far more precious than rubies,” she said.

“The values we implant in the children are seeds of success, grooming them to have a flower-like character that blossoms both academically and spiritually.

“I was this kind of girl who would want to be with mature people learning from them, serving in the church something like that and I would say I never experienced adolescence.

“I then got married because when you are in Christ and do good things, they will follow you.”

Chiguvare-Mukariri, who always had plans to open an orphanage, said God then dropped the idea of a pre-school as an answer to her prayers after she lost her job.

“I was worried about how my husband would afford to look after my family as well as the five orphans I was already taking care of,” she said.

The response she received was awesome, considering that she had not received any formal training at that time in that line of business.

“I employed qualified teachers, even other ideas I would get them during and after my prayers,” she said.

The five orphans are now grown up, with some having married, but she is helping nine other orphans from ECD to primary school after their parents, who were the breadwinners, passed on.

“There are also other cases where a parent loses their job… we can’t leave the child to go to a cheaper school that the parents can afford,” she said.

“However, it is God who shows us the way, we just don’t help anyone, we pray about it and He will tell us if they are the right candidates or not.”

She said in her acting role as a pastor in a local soapie KuChina —The Genesis, she would be grooming other women in line with the Word of God through the issues raised in the drama.

A jack of all trades, Chiguvare-Mukariri says she is enjoying marital bliss through panel-beating her marriage life to match the Word of God.

Chiguvare-Mukariri, who is the daughter of a chief, said during her childhood she was taught traditional values on how to respect elders, which nowadays are a taboo among the youths.

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