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Huby Blakes drops party anthem

GETTING high or drunk is considered as an escape route from all the problems and coupled with music, the effect can be likable.

By Tafadzwa Rusike-Gondo

Some evade their problems in slow tunes while others like the fast tempo tracks.

To those who like to take the crazy walk on the wild side, this track was tailor made for you.

Afrotrap rapper Huby Blakes born Hubert Chitambara recently dropped a smash hit for party crazed revelers dubbed Ndadhakwa nehwahwa (I’m drunk).

Visuals for the party anthem were released on January 31, 2019 on YouTube.

Peculiar in the video is a nimble-footed dancer with coordinated legwork. As the video starts, the gardener wakes up revelers who drank the night away at a pool party.

Later in the video are scenes of the previous night were party animals enjoy their drinks.

The video was directed by Simba Gee.

Huby Blakes said the song came off his previous extended play project named Afrobeat.

“I released the video on the 31 st of January for the Ndadhakwa nehwahwa song. The song is from my previous EP called Afrobeat,” he said.

He explained the song as one for the bars and pubs where people like to get drunk and high.

“So the video is all about that party type of a situation. Its about people chilling and having drinks ending up getting high to an extent they fail to go home because they are drunk. The song and the video is all about having fun as you can see in the video. It’s a type of a song that even when played in the club, people can vibe to it. Its a party vibe,” Huby Blakes said.

In the video is a familiar face.

“It features BaShupi as the gardener,” he said.

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