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Magate video: Blaqs hits back at critics

By Sindiso Dube

Controversial video director Vusa Blaqs has taken a dig at fellow director Andy Cutta, describing his work as boring and predictable.

Blaqs is under fire over Enzo Ishall’s video for the Magate song, which was received by fans with mixed reactions.

Defending his work in an interview with The Standard Style, Blaqs described his skills as normal, ordinary and not predictable.

“I hear many people saying I faltered on the Magate video, but, well, I am an artiste and I do projects according to the situation and energy I get. When a production needs me to be crazy or funny, I do accordingly,” he said.

“I always try new things, I am human and I allow myself to make mistakes. I should not bring out the same every day because if I do the same thing I will become Andy Cutta.”

The award-winning video director added that he doesn’t deal with perfection after social media had lambasted his recent efforts on Magate.

“I don’t deal with perfection, I hate perfection. Everyone will always have a perception of your works and I do what I do so that I can create conversations,” said Blaqs.

Despite having worked together in Bulawayo, Blaqs and Andy Cutta’s relationship is reported to be far from cordial.

Blaqs is not new to controversy. Last year he was the public’s enemy after he lashed out at a scriptwriter Amanda Ranganawa because of her complaint about sexual advances from filmmakers.

He said she was beautiful and hot and needed to get used to sexual advances from men in the industry.

He was also accused of stealing a scene from Cindy’s Clap For My Baby video and having used it on Ammara Brown’s Akilis.

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