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Synergies help jumpstart upcoming gospel musicians

By Kennedy Nyavaya

Bulawayo-based gospel musician Sindiso Nkomo says it is not easy to get a breakthrough into the gospel mainstream without collaborative support from established musicians.

Nkomo, who is set to release his new single titled Thel’ Moya later this month featuring Sabastain Magacha, told The Standard Style that apart from reinforcing his name in the industry, he has dedicated his efforts to helping other artistes through synergies.

In a recent interview, the singer, who diverted from the academic route in 2011 to pursue his talent, said he had seen it work among secular artistes with a mutually beneficial effect.

“There are things that I expected to have been copied from us as gospel musicians, but I am surprised to see them being implemented so perfectly by secular artistes,” said Nkomo, adding that apart from creating a big name for himself,facilitating growth for others is his mandate.

“I have noticed how terrible it is when you are an upcoming artiste if you fail to get such help from the big guys in the industry, so generally I would want to help them when God puts me at that level where I can do something about it.”

Nkomo, who was under the mentorship of Charles Charamba and Minister Michael Mahendere when he worked on his first and second album, said he would also launch other singles as the year progresses.

“Every year since last year I release a single song for Easter and it runs under the theme He is Risen. This year I will release it towards Easter and will send it for free to everyone as a special gift for the period,” he said.

“After that there are other two singles that are ahead of me before the year ends. This year I will be working on singles but at the same time putting together a full album that is going to be released early next year.”

Meanwhile, Nkomo also called for more promoters to have faith in gospel music at a time many have opted to fund secular musicians instead.

“All I am saying is let us have promoters coming to the aid of upcoming artistes and let us also have big names in the industry giving opportunity to upcoming artistes to perform at their concerts,” he said.

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