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Young entrepreneur seeks to grow local brands

Sympathy Sibanda Mazuruse and husband, Takemore

By Style Reporter

Esteem Communications, a public relations, marketing and brand development company that started operations in 2012, has set its sights on growing local brands with a view to contribute to national economic growth.

Speaking to The Standard Style, the company’s MD Sympathy Sibanda Mazuruse said their vision was to contribute to the national gross domestic product through adding value to local brands.

“Thanks to government initiatives like indigenisation and black empowerment as well as the general rise in unemployment, many Zimbabweans are running small to medium enterprises,” Sibanda Mazuruse said.

“Unfortunately, most of these companies are not doing much to grow their market share and presence, hence Esteem Communications’ desire to help them grow their businesses through market-relevant strategies,” she said.

Sibanda Mazuruse said the company works with established and upcoming players in business, arts, the development sector as well as individuals that require their range of services.

“We call ourselves the dream factory because we help small and big companies to achieve their desired goals through various services ranging from digital marketing, public relations, advertising, graphic design, editing and publishing, company registration, web design and management, to events management, photography and brand development,” she said.

With a pay-off line that says Esteem Communications: Enacting ideas, Building legacies; the fast-growing public relations and brand development company works with some of the blue chip companies in Zimbabwe running successful marketing campaigns and providing reputation management services.

“What has worked for us is that we deliver what we promise; which is top-notch and tailor-made services aimed at growing business ideas into booming businesses that will create lasting legacies. We are actually wrapping up plans for a number of marketing campaigns that we will run for our clients during the course of the year,” she said.

The company has not limited its services to clients in Zimbabwe alone, but also works with Zimbabweans and non-Zimbabweans across the globe utilising the digital divide.

“Our business has no geographical or distance limitations because we operate in real time through the internet. We are office bound but cyber-active and our clients are in Harare as well as dotted around Zimbabwe,” she said.

Esteem Communications has also added another feather to its brand development acumen through a subsidiary company, Amandla Brands, which is getting rave reviews in the local food production and processing industry.

“Amandla Brands is Esteem Communications’ newest baby and it focuses on natural foods production and processing. Our products range from mealie meal, rice, to peanut butter, jam, nuts and raisins, to name a few, but our current flagship product is Amandla peanut butter as well as a variety of nuts and raisins,” Sibanda Mazuruse said.

True to the Esteem Communications boss’s assertion, Amandla Brands participated in the CBZ Young Entrepreneurship (YEP) programme for the 2018 to 2019 season and made it into the national top 20.

“Amandla Brands attests to our passion for brand development. We started this idea in April, but the strides we have made to date are amazing. We are mainly focusing on peanut butter production plus a variety of nuts and raisins as of now, but the Amandla range can accommodate up to 50 products including rice, mealie meal, chicken, salt etc and we are working on modalities to introduce those into the market,” she said.

“We have participated in the CBZ Young Entrepreneurship Programme and we have made it into the national top 20. It is our hope to continue soaring because we believe in our capacity to grow brands.”

Working with a staff complement of six, Esteem Communications boasts of in-house creative directors, graphic designers and marketers as well as producers that help with the production of promotional jingles and adverts for corporates.

“We want our clients to enjoy the full package and we have enlisted qualified and experienced creative directors, producers, graphic designers and marketers to help our clients achieve their best,” she said.

“We believe there is no job too small for us because our vision is to grow brands and contribute to national development. It’s a world of possibilities and Esteem Communications is here to serve.”

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