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I don’t need bouncers, I am not a celebrity, says Prophet Miracle Paul


NEW Revelation Ministries founder and lead preacher Prophet Miracle Paul is among the few men of the cloth in the country who have remained humble despite their growing fame in religious circles.

A random survey carried out by Standard Style show that a myriad of today’s “celebrity” preachers move around with bodyguards, but Miracle Paul, the youthful preacher who leads one of the “mega-churches” in the country, values his private space more than anything else.

Last week, Standard Style bumped into Miracle Paul, famed for his Abraham’s Tent, in one of the supermarkets in the capital.

He was alone, but his dressing was unusual. Maybe it was meant to disguise and not to draw unnecessary attention from the public. He was wearing a cap, a black golf T-shirt and blue jeans.

“I love moving alone. Zimbabwe is a peaceful country, hence there is no need to move with bouncers. Yes, bouncers are needed at some occasions such as big Sunday services and crusades, among others, but not to move around with them always,” he said.

“I am comfortable driving myself and even moving alone. I need no protection from bodyguards. I don’t live the life of a politician, so no need of close protection officers. I don’t have enemies to fight and God will always fight for me against my enemies.”

Miracle Paul said although he finds no problem with those moving in posh cars and with bouncers, he prefers to be a simple man.

“I am not a celebrity, I am a preacher. So, there is no need to move around in those posh cars surrounded by bouncers or dressing to get attention. I will always be a servant to God,” he said.

Though Miracle Paul enjoys his privacy, he nearly brought business to a stand still in the supermarket as people identified him and flocked to greet him. After realising the “slow commotion”, he quickly drove off in a blue Honda Fit.

Apart from preaching, Miracle Paul operates a successful business venture, with interests in agriculture and mining, among others.

In Africa, a number of “celebrity” preachers seem to have mastered the art of moving around with dozens of heavily-built bodyguards.

The bodyguards have been criticised for what seems to be thuggish behaviour as they are notorious for blocking worshippers from getting close to the men of God.

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