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MisRed’s aura hard to ignore

By Kennedy Nyavaya

High-riding radio personality Samantha “MisRed” Musa’s presence is loud, from hot images online, a head-turning figure added to a witty character and smart demeanour. She simply possesses an aura hard to ignore.

This has seen the mother of two, who is in a relationship — sorry, gents — gaining significant fame over the past half-decade she has been in the local broadcasting space although the success brings with it a down side of unanticipated hate.

In an interview with Standard Style, ZiFM Stereo’s Drive Time radio presenter opened up on her success and life off air.

“I have been in the entertainment industry for about five years now and I think I have an understanding of what comes with that [fame],” she said.

“I’m certainly on a journey that has been more than I expected especially in a country like Zimbabwe where ‘celebrity culture’ isn’t really there as we know it in Hollywood or even closer to home in South Africa.”

But, being a public figure MisRed has had to brave the consequences of prominence that sometimes entails unwarranted scrutiny and all sorts of cyber-bullying.

“I’ve heard it all from body-shaming, to threats for an opinion and name-calling. It’s unfortunate, but I almost feel like there is mass depression online because some people are solely online to hurt other people,” she explained, adding that it sometimes gets to her.

“It’s so difficult at times because I am human and it does affect me a lot, but I’m learning more and more to sift through it.”

However, the negativity has, in a classic example of making lemon out of lemonade, led the full-figured broadcaster into becoming a champion of self-esteem among plus-size women in the country through body-revealing images and motivational messages.

“A lot of women come to me and tell me how they feel connected by my story [of how she has been a plus-size for most of her life] and I do hope to keep pushing that message of self-love regardless of the size you may be,” said MisRed.

Meanwhile, MisRed was recently caught up in a music race between two trending music videos after featuring as a vixen on Jah Prayzah’s Kune Rima visuals.

Her role was felt wide within the country’s confines attracting both positive and negative reactions.

Describing the experience as “pushing personal boundaries”, she is, however, not keen to be “in a music video anytime soon” though she relished “working on something new”.

Apart from a strong work ethic, MisRed, who attributes large parts of her success to the team managing her brand, prides herself in being a present parent for her children.

“It’s hard, but I’m someone who likes to put their all in whatever I do. My family always comes first although sometimes I fail to spend time at home, but I do my best to be a present parent.”

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