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Mlindo disappoints Zimbabwe

Mlindo The Vocalist

By Sindiso Dube

South African musician Mlindo The Vocalist’s Zimbabwean debut show left people disappointed after he failed to make fans reach musical climax levels at the weekend.

The Macala hit maker made his debut at BAC Leisure in Bulawayo after confusion over a double booking fix, which saw him appearing on two posters — #10YearsofDonald gig in Sun City and the Bulawayo show, as both gigs were on the same night.

Mlindo only performed for only 30 minutes before calling it a night, resulting in disappointed people leaving the venue.

So brief was the show that some fans were told that their idol had finished his set before they made their way into the venue.

Mlindo’s act was repeatedly disturbed by over-excited fans who were pushing and shoving in a bid to get a closer view of the artiste. He was forced to stop singing a number of times to ask fans, who almost destroyed the barricade which separated the stage and crowd, to restrain themselves.

As if that was not enough the show’s moral was dampened by a suspected pepper spray attack in the crowds. The crowd was left choking and with itching eyes.

One of the furious fans identified as Thabo Lunga said they did not get value for their money and expected.

“This show was very short; with the way it was hyped up, I didn’t think we were going to go home this early. The fans came out in numbers and some of the fracas like the pushing and shoving, which could have resulted in a stampede should be blamed on the promoter who didn’t provide enough security,” he said.

However, the event organiser, Rethusaneng “Ree” Mabuka, defended the artiste’s brief act.

“For us, it was a success, we did what we were supposed to do, that is making people happy. For those who feel shortchanged, I can only say that Mlindo did what he came to do and what we paid for,” he said.

“Mlindo is a vocalist and not a wheel spinner whom we should expect to perform for more than two hours.He played his own songs, his hit songs and that’s what he had to offer, his hits that’s why his act was brief but fun.

“On the pepper spray attack, I can safely tell you that our security details had no pepper spray on the night so it can only be someone who sneaked into the show with it.”

Meanwhile, Rick Ricky had a great show in Zimbabwe’s capital on the same night at a gig organized by former Zimbabwean president Robert Mugabe’s son Chutunga Bellarmine Mugabe at Club Sankyai.

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