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Gweru revellers stampede for Kanjiva

By Sandra Maricho in Gweru

Zimdancehall sensation Enzo Eshall proved to be the man of the moment as he managed to fill up Club Excite in Gweru recently.

The popular musician was being supported by local artistes Xiddo and Zimdancehall chanter Legion. Also curtain-raising were local DJs.

The organising team did not perform to their billing as local artistes only got on the stage late around 12 midnight.

“We were supposed to be on stage at around 10pm, but we performed at midnight. The revellers were already disappointed by the late start and were eagerly waiting for the main artiste, so it was very difficult to satisfy them,” Xiddo said.

Fans, who were mainly Midlands State University (MSU) students, came in their numbers as early as 5pm eagerly waiting for the Smart Inotangira Kutsoka hitmaker.

At around 1am that’s when Enzo managed to appear on stage after facing difficulties from fans who wanted to take pictures with him.

It was an electric moment when Enzo, real name Stephen Mamhere, performed the hit tracks Kanjiva and Smart Inotangira Kutsoka while fans were singing along and waving their shoes, leading to some being injured in the frenzy.

Enzo’s manager- cum-producer DJ Fantan said the venue was too small for an artiste of Enzo’s calibre and it was because of that reason that fans were crowded outside.

“The venue is too small for a popular artiste like Enzo, who has become a crowd puller,” said DJ Fantan.

“The show coincided with the returning of MSU students from vacation, which is why it was oversubscribed.”

Revellers felt robbed of their money after the musician performed for only about 30 minutes and left the crowd clamouring for more.

One reveller who declined to be named reiterated that the 30 minutes performed by Enzo were okay because he has a few songs, therefore, has to leave the stage before fans got bored.

“Enzo is popular, but the problem is that he still has a few songs, therefore, he has to remain relevant by performing for a short time and leave his fans happy,” he said.

Enzo Eshall has become one of the most popular artistes in the country and he has been nominated in the 2018 Outstanding Male Musician category where he will battle it out with Baba Harare and ExQ.

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