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Sonayi applauds fans’ patience


Unheraled musician Walter Sonayi, who is basking in the glory of releasing his fifth album titled Sorry, has applauded the patience shown by his fans as he penetrates into the mainstream music industry.

Sonayi, who is popularly known as “Sodza” in music circles, has been partnering Progress Chipfumo during his shows as a curtain-raiser.

The artiste revealed to Standard Style last week that he was working on his debut DVD, which would carry videos from his previous four albums and a bonus from the latest video.

His previous albums are Six Bullets, Nzira Yakanaka, Kuumba Magariro and Ujieku.

His music is a fusion of jazz, reggae and rhumba.

Sodza’s six-track DVD is set to be shot in the Eastern Highlands and Harare.

In an interview with Standard Style after his show at Club Mandisa recently in Mutare where he performed alongside Chipfumo, Sodza said he had heeded the call by his fans to accompany his songs with videos.

“l want to thank my followers for their patience, you need to work very hard to penetrate the mainstream music circles and that is what l am doing,” he said

“My fans have shown me a lot of support and l am going to reward them as l am going to have my debut DVD with videos from my previous four albums.”

He said songs such as Kurauone and Mafaro from the latest album were receiving wide airplay.

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