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Gilmore Tee urges govt to support youth in arts

Gilmore Tee Moyo


Bulawayo socialite Gilmore Tee Moyo has urged government to empower young people and do away with “talk shows” that do not yield results.

Gilmore Tee was part of panellists at a recent National Youth Indaba, which took place in Harare. His presentation was based on job creation, financial inclusion and sustainable entrepreneurship.

In an interview with Standard Style, the fashion personality said his hope was that action would be taken after the Youth Indaba.

“My hope is for action to be taken after this Youth Indaba. We have had so many gatherings and talk shows on the youths happening in the country and there is very little action being taken. I pray that this time young people across Zimbabwe can get support from the government, corporates and non-governmental organisations,” he said.

“We have so many youths with great initiative and talent who simply need technical and financial support. I also learnt that our industries need to cross-pollinate. Artistes should work with the corporate world because it takes all of us to collaborate and build a sustainable economy.”

Gilmore Tee said such platforms gave room to young people to share their vision and thoughts with the leaders.

“They also allow young people who are excelling in their fields to dialogue with others from different backgrounds. This helps us to find solutions to our own problems, by ourselves,” he said.

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