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Love leads at Heart and Soul with Davina

By Style Reporter

From hearty-dating tips and marriage bliss to sorrowful discussions about abuse or lack of affection, Heart and Soul digital radio’s Davina Green is ready to jumpstart the conversation of her Love Talk show.

The no-holds-barred show, which has slots on Tuesday and Thursday from 7-8pm as well as every Saturday morning from 8-10am, focuses on everything to do with love and relationships.

“As the name suggests, it focuses on anything and everything to do with love and relationships. From dating tips, the does and don’ts of courtship and marriage to sex scandals, abuse and divorce, we touch on it all,” Davina told Standard Style.

After entering the entertainment industry years ago as a musician and then taking a break from that to pursue a legal career, she bounced back into showbusiness late last year, this time as a broadcaster..

“I just decided to try something new like radio and what better station to join than Heart and Soul?” she quiped.

“They had just launched and were promising to be the future of radio and entertainment, offering a platform to showcase my talent not only locally but globally since they are an online radio station – connecting me to listeners and viewers from all over the world.”

The show targeting a cut across audience from young adults to middle aged individuals is an open platform that also casually gives sneak peeks into the dramatic celebrities’ love life.

“There is never a dull moment at Heart & Soul because every show is exciting and we have a different mixture of guests and audiences on each one, you never know what to expect,” she said.

A firm believer in the “Let love lead” motto, Davina also said she enjoyed engaging the audience on the sole Alpha Media Holdings’ tele-radio.

“Having a live video stream of every show also adds to the appeal as it increases the engagement level between the host and audience. I have ‘met’ so many interesting people this way,” she said.

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