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TelOne seeks to take over entertainment dominance

By Brenna Matendere IN GWERU

TELONE has moved to dominate the showbiz scene by introducing RTGS prices to packages of its Digital Entertainment on Demand (DEOD) platform. The DEOD packages allow viewers to access highest quality television series and movies over the internet.

The company’s head of marketing, Maureen Chirambaguwa, told Higher Education ministry officials at Midlands State University recently that the DEOD prices were being charged in local currency as opposed to other television channels that are now priced in United States dollars.

“For the DEOD premium, we are charging RTGS$11,99 for the whole month. If you want to subscribe for a week, the price is $4,50, and if you want the service just for the weekend, it’s just $2,50. In all the packages, there is high quality entertainment that gives value for money paid,” Chirambaguwa said.

The DEOD platform, which was launched in October last year, is now an instant hit for entertainment lovers who are unable to afford forex charges.

Chirambaguwa said TelOne’s internet bandwidth had been made strong and solid by the launch of the Beitbridge-Harare optic fibre network last month in the border town.

“Our DEOD platform offers television series — international TV series, Hollywood TV series, kids programming, movies, music videos, documentaries and lifestyle programming as
well as news, sports and inspiration documentaries, which makes people enjoy themselves at home. The internet connectivity is now very reliable after the launch of the
Beitbridge-Harare optic fibre network in the border town a couple of weeks ago,” she said.

Meanwhile, TelOne has launched its first local content catalogue on the DEOD platform in fulfilment of its promise to add Zimbabwean content to its index of international
subscription, rental movies and series content.

Now with over 20 000 subscribers, TelOne MD Chipo Mtasa said they were excited to be launching their first local content catalogue.

“We have opened up to more local content producers and aggregators, and we are confident this will strengthen the local arts industry in a big way,” Mtasa said.

Available on a rent per title basis, a selection of movies from Zimbabwean aggregator and distributor Zollywood are now accessible in Zimbabwe and the diaspora.

TelOne DEOD has partnered Zollywood as the start of a journey to support and showcase local content and talent.

Zollywood chief executive Tony Mliswa said they were happy with their partnership and promised “exciting times” to viewers.

“We are promising exciting times ahead for Zimbabwean film lovers. This is only the beginning of bigger things to come,” he said.

Mliswa and Thulani Matsvimbo established Zollywood to offer an outlet for Zimbabwean films in the diaspora.
Movie titles already available on TelOne’s DEOD streaming platform include Mwanasikana 1 and 2, Sores of Emmanuel, The In-Laws, Neria, Through the Night 1, More Time and State
of Malambia.

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