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Amandla sets eyes on modelling

Amandla Elynah

By Style Reporter

Professional musical theatre performer Amandla Elynah has given in to compliments about how her appearance is suited for modelling and she is ready to pursue the profession at a global level.

Elynah has, since graduating from Barcelona, Spain, in 2017, established a career in the musical theatre sphere and is currently working in the West End in London.

But, persistent calls for her to try modelling coming from her colleagues and acquaintances have got her seriously considering.

“I’ve been told by others and been complimented for my looks, and when I finally listened, I went ahead and got seen by companies who offered me interviews and placements within the industry,” she told Standard Style on Tuesday.

“My prospects are to get into modellng categories that are best suited for me like high street fashion, commercial, glamour [weddings], sports modelling and hand modelling.”

Born and bred in the UK to Zimbabwean parents, the 24-year-old beauty is setting her eyes on making a strong name largely within the UK industry.

Meanwhile, Elynah is not hanging the boots on the musical theatre front where she intends to build on her already blooming career achievements which has seen her sign lucrative contracts.

“I’m now setting out to play supporting roles and become a dance captain or choreographer for a West End Show and eventually leading up to my first professional lead role,” she said.

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