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Byo songbird loses faith in video director

By Kennedy Nyavaya

Vusa “Blaqs” Hlashwayo’s departure from the scene may be an injustice to some artistes with pending projects that he still has to deliver.

Breakout songstress Novuyo Seagirl (pictured) is in this group and she is fed up with waiting for the music director to commit to delivering visuals for her mega hit AEIOU, which she paid for last year in what exposes the latter’s unprofessional conduct.

Seagirl, who won the Best Female and Best House awards for the monster track with Lance Hebron, paid the Nama award winner, who has been elusive for months making a string of unfulfilled promises.

“I’m at a point where I am no longer relying on him and I’m working on Plan B because I see what is happening and sometimes in business you have to accept that
you lose or win and music is my business,” a frustrated Seagirl told this publication.

At the time of the interview, the rising House music queen claimed to have spoken to Blaqs who had promised to shoot the video this weekend, but she is not taking any of the lies.

“I invested in the wrong product and him being my home boy I have tried to talk to him, but it has not been useful and for us to end up involving the police is not right, so I will leave it there,” she said.

Apparently, Blaqs had disregarded the agreed $300 payment before switching to a careless mode telling the musician that he was not scared of negative publicity.

In typical tongue-in-cheek style, he was quoted in a local daily saying artistes need to “sacrifice so much [more] for a video”.

To Seagirl his comments are disrespectful and misplaced.

“I’m a student and I invested the little income I get from my art so it’s not fair, but one day he will meet his match,” she said.

She also lamented how established artistes take advantage of the upcoming ones.

“We are always taken advantage of as upcoming artistes because they always want more from us, but I have vowed to myself that I am not going to do it,” said Seagirl.

“I did this on my own, I do not have a sponsor, but now we meet people like him, it pisses me off because as artistes we want to get our names out there.”

This is not the first time Blaqs has been accused of sabotaging artistes and at one time he was accused of delaying artistes’ work in favour of Military Touch
Movement members Jah Prayzah and EX-Q.

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