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Events Evolution injects life into local arts sector

Events Evolutions director Talent Banda shows part of the relief aid his organisation donated to victims of Cyclone Idai

By Style Reporter

An arts promotion company, Events Evolution, has breathed life into the arts sector by investing in state-of-the-art equipment and partnering local radio stations to promote upcoming talent in the arts industry.

The events management company has come at a time when most of the promoters are used to makeshift stages and public address systems that do not meet the standards of an ordinary show.

At the National Arts Merit Awards held recently in Harare, the company provided lighting and stage equipment that added some glitz and glamour to the event.

At the just-ended Zimbabwe International Trade Fair (ZITF), they provided the stage at the Econet stand, which was one of the best stages.

Events Evolution director Talent Banda says they are a professional company aiming to bring a complete overhaul to the way events are managed in the country.

“We are still purchasing equipment because we want to match global standards of stages. We now want a situation where by these visiting musicians perform on internationally standadised stages, which might be a first step in marketing our country’s showbiz industry,” Banda said.

He highlighted the importance of having such facilities in the country to enhance the development of the creative sector.

“There is need for us now to see the importance of the arts sector and the need to invest in it. Zimbabwe has got talent and there is need to complement the talent with appropriate infrastructure and resources,” he said.

Last week the company donated groceries worth US$30 000 to the victims of Cyclonje Idai.

The goods, which included rice, flour, beans and sugar, were handed over to the Local Government and National Housing ministry through the Civil Protection Unit.

“This is part of our corporate social responsibility as a company. We have since assisted some of the families with money to buy roofing materials,” he said.
That is one of the biggest donations that came from the arts sector.

“We have requested the government to give us some of the immediate needs of those people so that we can assist. We are guided by ubuntu/hunhu as a company that seeks to promote cultural integration in the country,” Banda added.

Through Events Evolution, Banda has committed to contribute to the growth of the local arts industry through several initiatives that include the embracing of technology on the showbiz scene.

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