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Jori sisters join forces in new project

Gospel music sermon with The Master

IT’S a sisters’ affair for the Jori siblings as the elder one, Loice, has roped in Faith, who is popularly known as Zawadi in local contemporary music circles, to produce a gem of a single titled Jesu Anonzwa, which was released last weekend.

Loice made her entrance into the gospel music industry in 2005 with an eight-track album titled Mwari Vanogona, but relocated to Namibia with her family before she could market it locally.

She told Standard Style that she plans to do a remix of the title track of the album and a new version of the track Mwari Vagona would be out soon.

A decade after Loice’s album, Zawadi burst onto the music scene with her debut album titled Shaina, which is a cleverly-produced fusion of different genres.

Loice said she was now back in Zimbabwe and the two sisters were continuing from where they had left off in their music careers and promised a strong comeback.

“Singing gospel music has always been part of my life. The track called Jesu Anonzwa was released on May 3,” said Loice.

“It’s an urban contemporary live recording and the song gives hope and comforts people especially in the current situation where hardships are the order of the day.”

She emphasised the need for Zimbabweans to put all their faith in God, through Jesus, who hears and answers all prayers to Him.

Loice thanked her church leaders Prophetess Egfa Grace Mulenga and Martin Mataranyika of Throne of Peace as well as her family, children and friends for their unwavering support.

She added that they were planning on embarking on musical tours to various churches across the country, after they have completed the production of the video of Jesu Anonzwa with their producer Nigel Nyangombe.

“We will continue ministering to the world the Word of God through music with the aim of winning souls to Christ and strengthening those that are weak and have given up hope,” she said.

Zawadi said she was now focusing on gospel music, unlike previously when she was composing and singing for different genres.

“I have received a calling to be ministering God’s Word to His people so that’s what I am going to be focusing on,” Zawadi said.

“Loice is my sister, we both have one thing in common, which is a passion for music.”

She added: “We grew up singing at church and I became Loice’s backing vocalist for her debut album, so we are continuing from where we left off in 2005”.

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