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Cal_Vin to relocate to Mzansi

Cal Vin

By Sindiso Dube

Multi-award winning rapper Cal_Vin who had taken a short sabbatical from making music, says he had lost passion and inspiration for making music, hence he had to relocate to South Africa for a month in a bid to rekindle his fire.

Cal_Vin’s last work of art in Zimbabwe was an album titled Nhliziyo and his last public appearance was in February at the Cal_Vin Unplugged concert held at Bulawayo Theatre.

“My trip to South Africa was necessary and great. I just needed to take time off Zimbabwe. I wasn’t feeling inspired anymore and I had to cut off Whats App when I got there so that I could allow new energy to drive me back into inspiration,” Cla_Vin told Standard Style.

“There was a time where I battled the thoughts of quitting music and the whole Zimbabwean situation was uninspiring, so I needed to rekindle that flame which was fast dying out.

“In South Africa I met up with a lot of musicians who helped me re-fuel the energy. Among the people I met were DJ Clap who works with Uhuru, Professor and other famous musicians in Mzansi.”

The Banjalo Abantu singer revealed that he made a song with DJ Clap, which is set for release in South Africa.

“Someone shared my music with DJ Clap and the next thing he invited me to his studio and we did a song together. I believe the song will be bigger than Banjalo Abantu. The song is titled Net Flix and Chill and will be released in South Africa, accompanied by a music video,” he said.

“South Africa is supportive and inspiring, everything I wish for and I need is on the other side of the Limpopo.The people there are really willing to help me because here there is nothing inspiring anymore with the support I don’t get here in there.

“Yes, I am considering relocating to Mzansi.”

Cal_Vin came back into the limelight after he was nominated for three awards at this year’s edition of the Roil Bulawayo Arts Awards.

“I am fired up now and now that I am back I am ready to make more music and I already have a song I will release titled Super Loxion Man,” he said.

“I am humbled and happy with the nominations I got on Saturday. It means a lot to my brand and hopefully we will bag the gongs.

“At a time when I thought I had lost inspiration and passion, I got it back. The nominations are a motivation and a reminder of why I started doing music, I realised that a lot of people started their careers off mine and I should not take that fact for granted.”

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