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Combating drug abuse in schools

Makanaka Mabuto

By Makanaka Mabuto

The Family Support Trust, in collaboration with the Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP), are vital officers that bring anti-drug abuse awareness to communities.

Our school, Cornestone Junior School, has opened its parameters to invite the Family Support Trust in conjunction with the ZRP and officers from the Social Welfare Department to educate us on the dangers of abusing drugs such as mbanje, including alcohol as well.

Effects of drug-taking include hallucinations, failure in school resulting from poor concentration, failure to be children for adults, general disorder, theft, unwanted pregnancies, sexually-transmitted infections, dishonesty and lack of respect for parents.

When one has taken drugs, they can start laughing alone yet there will be nothing funny. Drug-taking causes one to get very addicted to it. A pupil will then lose concentration in class. Some may end up stealing from friends, teachers or parents to buy drugs. Many pupils are forced into taking drugs out of peer pressure. Some think that their social problems will go away after taking drugs and we were told it’s not true. At our school we are encouraged to go for counselling if we have any problems and the school counsellor is there to help .

After taking drugs, someone can fail to bear children in future after marrying. Drugs interfere with the reproductive system as well.This can cause divorces as the husband may not be happy as well.There are also cases of many people that got HIV through risky sex that was caused by the influence of drugs.

If you take drugs, it’s not too late to quit, your teacher or school counsellor can help. Parents, pastors, Family Support Trust or the police can help!

If you keep doing it, your are risking your health, you will not finish or pass school. Or you can even lose good friends and go to jail! Seek help, phone Childline or ZRP.

Makanaka Mabuto is the headgirl and Grade 7 pupil at Cornerstone Junior School in Chitungwiza.

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