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Artists appeal for government grants

By Sandra Maricho

GWERU-based Hodzeko Arts and Culture Association director Noreen Mutero has called on the government to assist artistes through giving them grants so as to grow the industry.

The arts association has been facilitating Jikinya workshops in the Midlands and Matabeleland provinces and hosting culture expos in rural areas.

Speaking in an interview with Standard Style, Mutero said as the government had assisted other sectors in the country, they had to do the same in assisting the
arts sector, which had been neglected for a long time.

“Arts is a very important sector. If taken seriously, it can transform the economic situation of any country taking, for instance, Nigeria, South Africa and India,” Mutero said.

“In Zimbabwe there are lots of talented people who end up not recognised because the artistes are not given enough support.

“Poets, authors and musicians have been complaining about piracy, but for decades we still have the same challenge.”

Mutero said Hodzeko would host a culture expo in Chirumhanzu Midlands province in August. She said they were deliberately targeting rural areas so as to involve marginalised communities in their programmes.

“We are trying to bring exposure to the rural areas and also identifying talent in the marginalised areas so that they can be part of our programmes,” she said.

“We have also realised that in the so-called marginalised communities, our culture and tradition are still valued and practiced.

“We are appealing for support from corporates and sponsors who would like to partner with us so that this event might be a success.”

Mutero plans to set up a culture centre in Gweru in the near future, saying she was working tirelessly to fulfil her goal.

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