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Terrence Green defies disability

By Tonderai Brandon Ndemera

Local actor and gospel musician Tichaona Terrence Green (pictured above) will at the end of the month release an album titled Takamirira Imi Moga, which features Prudence Mabhena.

The 32-year-old musician was diagnosed with cerebral palsy at birth and confined to a wheelchair for the rest of his life.

However, his condition has not stopped him from what he loves most — music.

Having been born into a Christian family, Green says his love for gospel music is a big source of comfort for the low days when he feels worthless and cannot find purpose in his life.

“One day when as I was praying I heard God’s voice whispering to me saying your name is born to worship. I didn’t fully grasp it at the time, but that’s when I realised I was meant to spread the gospel through music,” Green said.

“I started singing in church when I was eight years old and I fell in love with the joy of worship.”

In 2003 he featured in the award-winning drama series titled Zviri Mudzimba as one of the main characters in the act.

“I would have dreams where I would be able-bodied and get depressed over the question of why God would let me go through an experience like that only to take it away when I wake up,” he said.

“I was born into a wheelchair, I can’t walk, my legs are crippled.”

Green went to Jairos Jiri School in Waterfalls for primary education.

“I’ve had it rough growing up; in 2002 I was denied a place at Danhiko Secondary School because of my type of disability. They said they were only taking people who could at least partially take care of themselves,” he said.

His music talent, however, never took a dip. In fact, he continued improving and learning his art and in 2007 he was invited to perform at the Train Bus disaster music gala where he shone his musical light on that stage and touched many hearts.

In 2010 he joined an organisation called Young Voices, where he found a platform to unleash his talent taking notes and criticism from fellow artistes within a similar situation to his.

“Friends told me about this organisation where youths with disability would meet on Saturdays to interact and share ideas and as soon as I joined, I started making more new friends,” he said.

Green has been getting a lot of recognition of late receiving invites to perform at various events, including the recently held disability cocktail gathering in Harare and the Bulawayo Arts Awards set for June 29.

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