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Zimdancehall stars ‘clash’

By Kennedy Nyavaya

Cheeky Zimdancehall chanter Seh Calaz has made a daring response to compatriot Buffalo Souljah calling him a “big baby” for broadcasting a thinly-veiled threat to physically manhandle him for saying he lost the first round of the ongoing lyrical battle with Ghana’s Shatta Walle.

A seething Buffalo Souljah took to Instagram on Friday to confront Calaz over his Facebook live earlier in the week, where he said the former’s diss track was too weak compared to that of his rival before advising him to invite Nutty O for assistance.

“The day you meet me live, I want you to tell me what you are saying on social media, you should say it to my face and see what I will do to you,” the South Africa-based musician charged in the Shona language.

“I will not accept all that, you must tell me directly and we will see if you’ll leave with all your teeth in place.”

According to Buffalo Souljah, people like Seh Calaz lacks foresight to tap into the opportunity presented by the beef which has shaken the internet and so will “die at the same level where you are because you cannot see what we are doing”.

But in a Facebook interview on music analyst Plot Mhako’s EarGround, Seh Calaz, a self-proclaimed fan of Shatta Walle, was unrepentant and further advised the Rugare singer not to be too sensitive or expect all Zimbabweans to be in his corner.

“If you are an artiste who does disses, do not be a baby or too emotional because people will always come and say what they want. The world is not fair, (so) do not expect that when representing Zimbabwe everyone will support you,” he said, adding that his comments were genuine and not aimed at attention-seeking.

“When I commented on this I did not want to involve myself in their war, but he is being a big baby.”

Known for hard-hitting diss songs against Soul Jah Love in Zimdancehall movement formative years, Seh Calaz cautioned that if Buffalo Souljah does not snap out of it he may put him in his place lyrically.

“My life is good and I do not need to diss you for relevance but if that is what you want, then we can do it,” he said.

Currently in the United Kingdom for a show, the Mbare-bred vocalist is set for shows on the southern side of the Limpopo in the not too distant future and he has invited Buffalo Souljah, whom he emphatically said he does not fear.

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