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Samaita to take album across country

By Style Reporter

MUTARE businessman-cum musician Brian Samaita says he will tour around the country to promote his recently-released album titled Ndafunga Dembo.

The album, Samaita’s sixth, was released after a long wait and the musician said he would compensate for his absence with a nationwide tour as he tries to reach out his legions of followers across the country.

His last album was titled Rinoonekwa Namavanga released in 2018. The album featured the late Tongai “Dhewa” Moyo’s son — Obert — on the song Dhewa Vedu.
Samaita, popularly known as Mwana Mutare, was a close friend of the late sungura music superstar.

Since 2018, Samaita has disappeared from the music scene only appearing at low-profile gatherings where he was performing.

“I was committed elsewhere. “You know, I am born-again and church things are taking most of my time, but I have decided to come back with this new album. It’s
a dedication to the late Leonard Dembo’s music, particularly his guitar prowess, which inspired a lot of musicians, including me,” Samaita said.

“The dedication is purely music and how Dembo’s music shaped the local music industry.”

The five-track album is fast-beat with the sound having a distinct Dembo and Dhewa lead guitar feel to it. However, the last song self-titled Samaita is pure
jiti and will keep music fans on their feet.

“I am going to commit my time to live shows as I take the album to the people in all corners of the country,” Samaita said.

The album, Ndafunga Dembo, was recorded at Diamond Studios under the watchful eye of Bothwell Nyamhondera. It has songs Handityi Kufa, Herudhe, Hombarume,
Kuromba and Samaita.

His other albums include Nemiwo Munazvo, Murodzi Wepfungwa, Tsono, Kumaziva Ndadzoka and Rinoonekwa Nemavanga.

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