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Samaita basks in new album glory


Sungura artiste Brian Samaita, popularly known as “Mwana Mutare”, is basking in the glory of his new album titled Ndafunga Dembo which has been received well by fans.

Samaita, who revealed that he composes most of his songs while aboard an aeroplane, recently released his sixth project, which is a tribute to the late Barura
musician Leonard Dembo.

“I am happy that the album is being played across radio stations in Zimbabwe and Mozambique,” Samaita said.

“The songs on the album are all barura and fans have expressed happiness for barura music revival.”

Samaita revealed his trick in composing the songs.

“Do you know l write most of my songs while aborad an aeroplane? I penned most of the songs on my latest album while in the air and it is something l enjoy
doing,” he said.

Songs on the latest album are Handityi Kufa, Herudhe, Hombarume, Kuromba and Samaita.

The Murondatsimba frontman saluted the Enlightened Christian Gathering (ECG) founder Shepherd Bushiri.

“Prophet Shepherd Bushiri changed my life. He made me have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. When l have doubts, he comforts me, l fear to sin
because he said God will always locate you where you are,” he said.

Samaita’s previous projects include Tsono, Murodzi Wepfungwa, Nemiwo Munazvo,Rinowonekwa Nemawanga and Kumaziva Ndadzoka.

His latest album was recorded and produced by Bothwell “African “Nyamhondera at Diamond Studious.

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