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Summer is upon us:Know what to wear

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Finally, summer is here! We can finally make more daring and bold decisions with the clothes we choose to wear.

As we throw off those dreary winter layers and less becomes more, it is essential to take precautions to keep our skin protected from the brutality of direct sunlight and heat. One of the simple yet effective way to protect your skin is wearing a hat when spending time outdoors.

Unlike the popular belief that hats are not for everyone, just keep in mind the words of Claire Howeson founder of Penmayne of London, “There is something very
elegant and beautiful about a woman in a hat, so wear it with confidence. Wearing a hat is a statement and if its new to you it can feel a bit strange at
first, but you just need to wear it and get used to it, like a new pair of shoes. You’ll be surprised by how many compliments you get and wonder how you ever
lived without it.”

A hat sits right next to your face so when looking into the kind of hat to buy, there are several things you need to consider. The shape of your face is
obviously the starting point. If you have a round face, try to avoid hats with a round crown but rather go for something more angular. For those with a long
face, opt for a medium brim and shorter crown hat that will balance out the length of your face.

The length of your neck is also something you should seriously put into consideration. Those with long necks can rock wide brimmed hats with much ease, class
and elegance because the long neck can easily hoist the mass of the wide brim, giving it ample length to spread out and show its magnificence. On the other
hand, those with short necks should avoid wide brimmed hats as these will drown out the limited length of their neck creating an illusion of a missing neck.

Instead if you have a short neck rather choose hats whose brim slightly touch your shoulders and less. These will create the illusion of a longer neck and will
even flatter your facial features.

The color to choose when buying a hat is absolutely up to you. However, to make sure that you buy a hat that will compliment what you already have in your wardrobe, consider the color of your scarfs, coats, summer jerseys and jackets you own. Although this might not be a perfect way to determine the color of hat
that will suit you, it sure is a way to buy a hat which compliments the colour scheme of your wardrobe.

The most popular summer hat on the market is the wide brim floppy hat. Available in several materials and sizes. These are more for a casual look and the
material and size you choose will determine the look you can come up with. For a retro look you can choose the straw, wide brim floppy hat that leaves your
facial features uncovered. For a more playful look you can choose the very wide brim floppy hat that fully covers your face and part of your back. Combine this
hat with your drop shoulder dress, string top or boob tube dress. The hat will not only act as an accessory but as protection from direct sunlight as well.

Another timeless hat that one can invest on is the fedora. This hat is versatile and great with almost everything. It has subtle elegance that makes it work
great with formal clothes at garden weddings and other formal outdoor events, and a relaxed persona that will make it look amazing with casual wear like your
summer dress, linen pants and dressy top. When buying this hat opt for classic colors that never get old like the popular snow white, camel, black and navy
blue. These are easy to play around with and a change in the ribbon can totally transform the hat giving it new life. If you are the adventurous and free-
spirited type you can get loud colors like red, orange and yellow.

The baseball cap is one hat that has been around for a while. It’s simple and casual style has made it one of the most preferred casual hats that provides
effective protection from direct sunlight. For the ladies when you plan to wear your baseball cap, plan your outfit around it. If you choose to wear a dress,
make sure you have the statement shoe that can justify the presence of the baseball cap. Of note is the color scheme you choose, try and make the baseball cap
blend in and not stick out as though it was a last-minute addition.

If you are not one for the baseball cap you can try the fisherman cap and the newsman cap which are both more feminine and less tom boyish as the baseball cap.
Both have a smaller brim than the baseball cap which allows all your facial features to be fully uncovered. The fisherman cap and the newsman cap can be that
great head accessories that you can add to an outfit that feels like it can use a little more.

Not forgetting the ultimate glamorous summer hat, the fascinator. Summer always comes with weddings and that calls for dressing up to impress and what better
way to do it than with a fascinator. When buying this small hat, go for good quality, a classic shape and a nice neutral band that you can wear to several
weddings without tiring it out.

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