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Ginimbi’s club reopens with new look

Ginimbi at the pre-launch ceremony of the club, Dreams, on Thursday night. Picture: Kennedy Nyavaya

By Kennedy Nyavaya

A collection of dimly-lit colourful lights synchronised with decent sound quality, exorbitantly priced high-end booze and a bevy of skimpily dressed beauties sums up showy socialite Genius “Ginimbi” Kadungure’s definition of a magical night experience in Harare.

For five months his night spot — formerly named Sankayi and now Dreams — has been under going a makeover to become the “best in the country”.

“…dreams night life, a place where dreams come true,” the MCs repeatedly shouted at a pre-launch ceremony organised for journalists on Thursday night.

Dressed in a colourful silk Versace shirt “that costs the same as someone’s car”, matching sneakers and some ripped jeans, the controversial socialite was in his usual element of braggadocio.

Those who follow Ginimbi on social media would attest that he always wants to stand out in everything and that includes owning eye-catching property.

“There will be no place that is going to be like Dreams. If there is, I will close the following day,” he declared in a bullish tone adding that this place would be “like a movie”.

Dreaming as the name of the place suggests, Ginimbi’s timing for upgrading an exclusive night spot seems off considering that the currently mounting cost of entertainment has trounced the financial muscles of many party-loving urbanites.

A quick scan of different night clubs around the city on the same night was clear evidence that night life has toned down in the “city that never sleeps”, as Harare is perceived.

Many have ditched going out completely while the resilient are downgrading from mature whisky brands and ciders to cheaper lagers.

That is not Ginimbi’s target market, but if not the ordinary, then who is worthy of this leather sofa-laden club?

“There is always one person who is making money when someone is crying, we are there to help those people to enjoy what they have worked for anywhere in the world,” he told Standard Style.

“Whether the economy is good or bad, there are always those who are doing well and we opened the club for the people who are living a better life.”

Whether or not the business will give back the money spent in upgrading — a figure he refused to disclose — is unclear, but the prospects are as dim as the place.

One thing is certain, however, that only those with enough to spare are welcome and even they could leave this aphrodisiac paradise with empty pockets and memories of some dream-like experience.

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