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Zig Zag Band resumes live shows

By Brenna Matendere in Kwekwe

Forgotten Kwekwe-based Chigiyo music ensemble, Zig Zag Band, has resumed live shows after taking a decade-long sabbatical.

The band was famed in the yesteryears for classic hit songs that placed Zimbabwean music talent in the international spotlight. The band’s hits with a deep traditional flair included Gomo Ramasare, Hombiro, VaMandela, Nyarunde and Ropa Remukaranga. It is perhaps the hit Mudzimu Mukuru that tops them all and is a trademark of the ensemble.

“We have now started live shows and last week we were in Kadoma where we heralded our come back with a spirited perfomamce that lasted almost six hours of unplucked music,” said Steve Lunga, the band leader.

The performance at Mzansi Sports Bar saw the band members catching revellers napping when they arrived on horseback — a development that set the ground for a theatric night.

“We just thought of making big our arrival on that day and it paid off because the word was quick to spread and our fans jostled to see us perform,” said Lunga.

The original outfit of Zig Zag band suffered setbacks in the mid-90s and early 2000 following the deaths of its founder members.

The band is now led by Lunga, the surviving brother of the famed Lunga brothers, George and Robert, who were some of the founding pillars of the Amaveni-based outfit.

“We are drawing a schedule of events that will see us spread our perfomances throughout the country. We want to really touch base and make sure we travel to all parts of the country. Promoters are free to get in touch so that we plan big things. God bless,” he said.

He said the Zig Zag Band has been putting together its music away from the glare of the media, and was now ready to roll.

“ Actually for now we are preparing for our new album.

“We want to blend our old school jams with current hits that are fresh,” said the dreadlocked Lunga.

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