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Ntengo reveals affection for Tuku


SOUTH AFRICAN music group Platform One leader, Nani Ntengo (pictured right), says she was charmed by the late musician Oliver Mtukudzi to a point where she wished to do a collaboration with him.

Tuku died at the age of 66 in January after battling a heart ailment.

“I love listening to the late Oliver Mtukudzi’s music and I would have loved to do a collaboration with him, unfortunately God remembered him,” Ntengo told
this publication in Johannesburg recently.

“May his soul rest in peace. He had a melodious and quality voice which I adored.

“The style of his music in Zulu we say ‘ezingasoze zabuna’ — something that does not lose taste. I love his music and we once shared the stage with him in
London and I loved his performance.”

Ntengo said Mtukudzi’s music had a meaning and it talked about everyday life.

“Every song he sang had a meaning and would bring happiness and change people’s lives in a good way. I would also listen to Lovemore Majaivana’s music. Its
so good too. I would love to do a collaboration with the Cool Crooners too,” she said.

“We are also in negotiations with Dalma, we want to do a collaboration with her. We have done one with Sisa Senkosi, who is based in London and originally
from Bulawayo.”

Ntengo had a specific message Bulawayo fans that they should watch out for the groups’ 18th album which would be out during the festive season.

“Our 18th album is in the pipeline, hopefully by December it would be done. The people of Bulawayo are welcoming and they love us so much,” she said.

“It’s like Bulawayo is our second home, every year we are there and they are the ones who buy our music. We are grateful to them, we love them so much.”

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