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Artistes react to Mugabe death

By Style Reporter

ZIMBABWEAN artistes — locally and abroad — have expressed mixed reactions to news of the death of former president Robert Mugabe.

Mugabe, who led Zimbabwe for 37 years before he was ousted in a military coup in November 2017, died on Friday morning at a hospital in Singapore.

He was 95.

While the former president received a rosy tribute from some artistes, others — particularly those living outside the country — believe there was no reason to mourn.

Exiled Chimurenga musician Thomas Mapfumo said there was nothing to mourn because “Mugabe was the reason why most Zimbabweans were suffering.”

Mapfumo, who was a vocal critic of Mugabe’s administration, said this during an interview with SABC on Friday.

UK-based playwright and activist Silvanos Mudzvova

Twenty-thousand people lost their lives in Matabeleland because of Mugabe’s greed. He ran down this country and destroyed the future of millions. He killed for fun to stay in power. He
is not a hero. He is a murderer, ngafe [he deserves to die]. May his soul be tormented by the souls of those he killed!

Award-winning novelist, filmmaker Tsitsi Dangarembga

My heartfelt condolences to those who feel are bereaved by the death of Sekuru Mugabe. My heart goes out to them at this time.

Is that what one fights for? To die in Singapore?

Sulumani Chimbetu

Just woke up to the sad developments. The passing-on of a vigilant and charismatic liberation icon. Zororai murugare Baba [Rest in peace father].

Jah Prayzah

Zita renyu richagara kwemakore nemakore richaramba ririmo mundangariro dzedu uye vachauya vachanzwa nezvaro. [Your name will always be remembered in years to come and future generations
will get to know a lot about you].

Ammara Brown

It’s my birthday and the best one yet. I know I promised the release of my new single Tichichema today [Friday]. It is ready for you, but out of respect after the passing of our
founding leader, I felt it best to push it till midnight. My thoughts are with his family and everyone else in mourning.

Mai Patai

Rest in peace Gushungo.

Minister Michael Mahendere

We would like to send our condolence message to the Mugabe family, Zimbabwe and Africa at large on the passing of the founding father of Zimbabwe former president Robert Gabriel Mugabe. An African and a world changer. May the family be comforted by the Holy Spirit.

Macdonald “MacDee Chidavaenzi

Rest in peace President. It actually hurts and no one ever thought it would be like this.

Enzo Ishall

Africa’s greatest and the best. Fambai zvakanaka baba, muzorore murugare. [Fare thee well father and rest in peace]. @bellzgabe I’m so sorry my friend.

DJ Fantan

Enzo postpones Mhamha release in honour of former president. Firstly, we are deeply saddened by the passing of our former president, our father, veteran nationalist and our liberator Cde R G Mugabe.

Due to this, we could not release Enzo Ishall’s new tune Mhamha because we are mourning with the rest of the nation.

We pass our condolences to the Mugabes and all Zimbabweans. We will now be releasing the song after we bury our former president because in our hearts, there is always a place for our heroes and to uplift our countrymen’s spirits.

Vimbai Zimuto

It’s tough to describe Mugabe’s rule in one picture. I mean the dude was a legend. The one and only time I met him was in 1997 when I was in Form 1 and a drum majorette. He was officially opening a blanket manufacturing firm in the Zengeza industrial area [in Chitungwiza].

The shaking of hands was faster than I’ve ever seen before. Every Zimbabwean knew that the moment you give Mugabe the mic, he would tell us all what we needed to hear and more.

He was intelligent enough to make a mark on everything that he did. I can’t say I loved him or hated him, but I respect everything he stood for.

His efforts and ideas were to make Zimbabwe a great nation, but unfortunately because he didn’t groom a leader to take over, it became more and more difficult for anything to move, especially when technology changed and we needed to get out of the Stone Age.

Rest in peace Cde Robert Gabriel Mugabe!

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