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UK lawyer Collette Manny releases powerful teaser

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UNITED KINGDOM-BASED lawyer Collette Manny, popularly known as Minister Collette, says she is planning a mega album launch in the UK that will see her music taking over.

Manny, who has released a powerful teaser titled Soaking In Your Presence, which is off her debut album Ultimate God, revealed that her band from Zimbabwe would join her and participate at the launch in the UK.

She added that the presence of her manager Flem B, who is an award-winning gospel star, would help to ignite the Ultimate God album launch.

“So look out for the UK album launch, Minister Collette, Flame B and The Sound are taking over, we’re called globally and wherever the soles of our feet have trodden, we’re taking over,” she said.

“I am excited because the band I worked with when I came to Zimbabwe, called the Sound, will be flying over together with my producer Flame B for the launch, so that is very exciting.

“I love the sound because they are a group that understands my calling and reverence of what God is doing in me and also are passionate and amazing Zimbabwean musicians.”

According to Minister Collette, everything in her life is grounded in the Word of God and spending six to eight hours a day in the studio back home in Zimbabwe recording her debut album Ultimate God shows her desire to achieve spiritually-inspired excellence as evidenced by the recent release of a teaser.

“The song it is out and released into the market, but will be part of the official album launch later this year,” she said.
“My manager Flame B is doing the marketing of the song, which I feel is a hit even abroad!”

Like all the songs on the album, Manny said God revealed the messages to her through the Holy Spirit.

“It’s only after I’ve written it, so I actually then search the scriptures and I’m amazed that it is so doctrinally sound and proclaims a deep prayer that convicts the heart. It is based on Psalms 51:10 and Isaiah 58 :11,” she said.

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