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Corky brings exotic dishes to Harare


AFTER having gained a wealth of experience of other food cultures serving royalty and the super-rich as a super-yatch chef in the Caribbeans, Keegan Corky has transformed the Irish-themed Corky’s Pub and Grill situated in Borrowdale to become one of the most respected upmarket joints in Harare.

The youthful Keegan, who is now a land-based chef, has also taken over the management of the joint from his father Mike who is now concentrating on farming.

He has also added big screens for international sporting events like rugby and cricket to entice sports fans.

Situated at the Ballantyne Park shopping centre, the place is performing beyond Keegans’s expectations since he took over last year.

“I have been here for just over 10 months, we have been operating since 2017. We are one of the main sports bars in Harare.

“I would say it’s through clientele relationships. I have spent a lot of time dealing with a variety of nationalities and people, so coming back, I am now focusing on my own hometown… my own nationality,” Keegan said.

He added that he was influenced by all those other food cultures and histories to produce new dishes that clients, who visit Corkys can love.

“We have a new menu coming soon, as wells as new outdoor kitchen and beer garden making this whole outside area a different area,” he said.

He also took time to reveal the amazing requests by the rich and famous while working in the yachts.

“Not on my vessels but on one of my friend’s vessels, their son had requested seedless grapes and we were in the Caribbean and we could not find any seedless grapes, so they flew the helicopter to New York to get grapes for the son,” he said.

“The nice thing about cooking and working with those people is that I managed to taste some of the most amazing ingredients that would never ever been available to me.

“I went to a farm in Italy where I tried a 100-year old vinegar, it’s been made by the same family for 100 years, it’s the most incredible flavour.”

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