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Madzibaba Zakaria on nationwide tour

By Takemore Mazuruse

Respected sungura musician Nicholas “Madzibaba” Zakaria, who launched his 27th album titled Inzwa Unzwe in September will this festive season travel around the country to promote his latest offering.

The tour dubbed Inzwa Unzwe Fetsive Tour will see the gifted left-handed guitarist and composer performing in Mberengwa, Chiredzi, Chivhu, Mutare, Renco and Bulawayo.

Speaking to Standard Style, Zakaria said he was humbled by the support he receives inspite of the changes in the industry.

“I have been in the music industry for decades and I have witnessed many changes and shifts in the industry,” Madzibaba said.

“New sounds and new faces have come into the fray and I have seen many yester-year musicians fall by the wayside.

“I am, however, grateful for the continued support and respect I am commanding in the industry as seen by the response to my projects and the respect I am accorded by fellow artistes.”

Zakaria said he had reached a certain stability in his career and his festive season tour was a special treat to his loyal fans while at the same time helping unpack the new album.

“I have seen it all in the industry and I am always encouraged when I see new voices emerging. It shows that the industry is dynamic and evolving from the time we ventured into it,” he said.

“That stability I have attained has given me great respect for music followers and fans. It is, therefore, my hope that the festive season treat to various parts of the country will help them reminisce on the good old times while helping them appreciate the new album Inzwa Unzwe.”

The Kuva Nemari singer is one of the most consistent sungura musicians and with his Khiama Boys they have churned out timeless hits like Mabvi Nemagokora and Chikumbiro, among others.

While some of his recent projects have not made it as runaway hits, he has not lost the touch that made him a darling of many.

“Fame has seasons but real art is immortal. That ideal has continued to spur us years on and if you listen to our past and present projects you won’t miss the consistency in quality,” Madzibaba said.

“We value our followers and we always make sure our productions carry the right messages and quality in terms of vocals and instruments. We have not compromised on quality and we will always emphasise on moving forward.”

Madzibaba has nurtured some of the big names in local music which earned him the moniker, “Senior Lecturer”.

“I am always in awe when I look at the artistes I have worked with before. Yes, students can surpass their teachers in terms of milestones and that makes me feel encouraged,” he said.

“The future of music is in the younger generation and it is my wish for them to carry the music torch forward even as we guide and nurture them.”

Madzibaba gave a warning to his fans and the Zimbabwean community in view of the festive season.

“I encourage Zimbabweans from all walks of life to practise restraint this festive season because life is precious,” he said.

“Let’s avoid risky behavior and avoid drinking and driving. We have lives to live and dependents to look after all the fun.”

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