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ManLuckerz speaks on eventful year

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Sweden-based multi-talented artist Luckson “ManLuckerz” Chikutu whose resilience has earned him a name in the Scandinavian arts industry says he is looking forward to another fruitful year as he seeks to consolidate himself among the top cultural ambassadors. Chikutu recently published a book titled Flashback Identity that is doing well on online platforms in Sweden and back home.

Standard Lifestyle (SL) spoke to the Gutu-born artiste (LC) from his Swedish base where he reflected on the eventful year as well as the prospects for the coming year.

SL: It has been an eventful year for you, what is your comment on that?

LC: Indeed, it was an exciting year and I will be sharing the memorable moments with a lot of people. The best moment was when I published the book Flashback Identity. It was something I did not expect to complete in such a short time, but through focus, dedication , discipline and determination I managed to finish it. My spirit was also kept alive by the live perfomances I did this year.

SL: What are the major highlights for you this year?

LC: The major highlight is everything that I did this season. I always work with a positive mind.

SL: You recently attracted a good audience during a live performance in Sweden. What is the secret behind pulling such a crowd in a foreign land?

LC: Yes we did it. It all went well because I do my perfomances the actual way they do it in the villages of Zimbabwe. I enjoy sharing the real Zimbabwean traditional story. I thrive in attracting people through real cultural presentations hence the success of the gig.

SL: Art enthusiasts have refered to you as cultural ambassador in the Scandinavia. Do you deserve the title?

LC: Yes, I do deserve the title. I have done more than the expected for my country Zimbabwe. I think it is high time that Zimbabweans accord me with the title officially. I also want the young artists to emulate what I am doing for Zimbabwe. The nation or responsible authorities, the government should honour me as a cultural ambsador and this will motivate me and other artists in foreign lands.

SL: What do we expect from you this coming year?

LC: I would love to contribute more in grooming young stars by giving them as much advice as needed. I also want to take Zim culture to an advanced level and given a chance I will spread my wings across Europe.

SL: You almost won the National Arts Merit Awards accolade, do you eye to clinch it this season?

LC: I really don’t know what it will be, you never know, maybe I will revel in glory.

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