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AfroBoy drops multilingual album

By Style Reporter

South Africa-based Afro-fusion musician Beever Dube (pictured below) has dropped a singles collection album laden with tracks done in different languages.

Dubbed 2020 Single Collection Vol 1, Dube, who is affectionately known as AfroBoy, said he sang in different languages to break into the international markets.

“I sing in different world languages with the intention of becoming an artiste who can be welcomed in any country. I had to to do this to gain world populalrity through a unique singing style. I am confident that I will reach my destination in as far as attracting international audiences is concerned,” he said.

The 32-year-old, who is based in Cape Town, markets his music on online media platforms like YouTube, SoundCloud and Band Camp.

He did the songs Mwana WaMambo (Swahili and Shona), Angelo (French, Korekore and Zezuru), Tiri Murudo (Shona and Xhosa) and Mwari Vasaina (Swahili, English, Greek and Shona).

The musician has so far released two albums Liberation Vol 1 &2, and his latest offering Voice of The Legend comes out in August.

“My music genre is unique and I have lots of followers who like my music. I do Afro-pop, Afro-jazz, Afro-rhumba and Afro-traditional beats,” he said.

“My third album will be a bombshell as I am working with other international artistes mainly from the region.

“I am also going to release 3HD quality videos for the songs Anassa, Maria Mao and Mwana WaMambo in few months’ time,” he said.

The Black Spears Band leader works with instrumentalists from the region, among them a bassist from Congo and a lead guitarist from Cameroon, while other band members are Zimbabweans living across the Limpopo.

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