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Model vows to fight gender-based violence

By Sukuoluhle Ndlovu

Local model Millicent Mutsvunguma (pictured) says she is going to do all she can to help fight gender-based violence (GBV).

She said there must be severe punishment for those who break the law and community service should not be an option.

The model said that she was going to organise a group of models to fight GBV.

“I am going to organise a group of male and female models against gender-based violence,” she told Standard Style.

“I will do this with the help of other models. We will educate men and women as some might have no knowledge about gender-based violence.

“We will also campaign against the practice within our community.”

Mutsvunguma believes both men and women are affected.

“Both men and women are affected by GBV though, the most reported cases are of women. In reality there are so many men who are living in nightmares just like women,” she said.

“We have men who are in abusive relationships or marriages but because of their positions in churches, community or workplaces, it will be a big embarrassment for them to speak out.

“Again women who come from poor backgrounds or who come from broken families are also taken advantage of.”

She encouraged women to speak out about GBV.

“Women must not settle for anything less — never! If he does not respect your body, value your happiness, you have to step aside and find your own happiness, speak up and fight for your rights,” she said.

“We all need peace and that is one’s right and never let a man treat you like trash just because all you want is food and rent.

“We are not promoting divorces or breakups but if it is costing your happiness and peace, then just let it go. Also men must not be ashamed of speaking out.”

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