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It’s all about sisterly love, says Sandra

By Style Reporter

For Sandra Mtukudzi, being the elder of the two daughters of the late music superstar Oliver “Tuku” Mtukudzi with his first wife Melody Murape does not mean she always has to pull the seniority card in the face of her younger sibling, Selmor.

Instead, since their parents’ fallout more than three decades ago, the two have become the best of friends and the love they share is incredibly strong.

While many perceive the two sisters could have been short-changed by their late father’s stated intentions, it looks instead as if a strong sibling bond has been created between Sandra and Selmor.

On Friday, Selmor released her sixth album titled Dehwe Renzou, her first project since the death of her father, and Sandra believes they are duty-bound to keep their father’s legacy alive.

“I believe it is our duty to keep Mudhara’s legacy alive and we will do our best to maintain that,” Sandra, who is part of Selmor’s backing team, said.

“The album means a lot to me, personally as a dedication to my dad and it brings out what he taught us over the years.

“It just shows me that his spirit is alive and it is highly inspired by him.”

Sandra said she does not pull the seniority to card on her more popular sibling as she believes in team work.

“I have been Selmor’s manager for close to 10 years and we have grown together. I can’t claim all credit as we work as a team and bring the best the best out of each other,” she said.

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